Educators of the Southwest, join us!

Nature Every Day Summit

Join us for the inaugural summit designed for early childhood educators in the Southwest eager to embrace nature-based learning and play.

Our Mission

We're here to nurture our fellow Southwest educators

Nature Every Day Summit is designed to deepen your connection with nature and give you an abundance of new learning to offer back to your community.

Ready to Nature with us?

9am- 4:30pm Saturday June 8, 2024 Biosphere 2

Bring your curiosity and a notebook. Prepare to depart primed to infuse all you've gathered into your learning environment.

The day will be brimming with new perspectives, new resources, and new connections.

$175 for the day, lunch included
Register AFTER 5/30/24: $150, NO LUNCH

Who is Behind the Summit?

Two Passionate & Experienced Guides

Kyla Maciosek and Diona Reese Williams joined forces to design this inaugural Nature Every Day Summit. Their devotion to expanding access to nature-based learning and play professional development throughout the Southwest region leads the way. They both are so ready to walk with you.More about Kyla | More about Diona

The More Diverse an Ecosystem, the Better

We Welcome You

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your journey (in education as a whole or specifically nature-based learning), Nature Every Day Summit will provide you with new possibilities for integrating outdoor and nature-based learning and play.

Our commonality is working in education in the Southwest. Our differences are what will bring us all newfound understandings.

How To Know If it’s for you

Join us if you:

🌵 Believe in the power of nature to inspire curiosity and creativity in children

🌵 Want to overcome barriers and clear fears associated with outdoor learning

🌵 Crave a supportive community of diverse educators to learn alongside

🌵 Are ready to transform ideas into action that will transform your school and community for the better

Want the Details?

Glimpse into the Day


Settle in at Biosphere 2, our incredible site for the day:
32540 S Biosphere Road, Oracle, AZ 85623


Welcome & Orientation
Keynote Speaker: Wendy Watson, M.Ed.
Why Nature?
Nature Experience
Conversation about Easing Nature Fear


Explore Biosphere 2


Breaking Down Barriers
Open Q&A “Open Mic”
Build Your Action Plan
Closing and Debrief

Support us while we support educators

Become a Sponsor

Thanks to our sponsors, dozens of early childhood educators will have access to continuing education and support so they can provide high-quality nature-based learning for our youngest children. Sponsors will also help with the venue rental, food, drinks, supplies, and reduce the overall cost for all participants. Sponsors may also choose to participate in a giveaway at the end of the summit.Would you like to join Tucson Regional Educator Collaborative, First Things First, and Heather Wick Life Coach and sponsor Nature Every Day Summit?🌵 Vendor Table: One vendor table to display and sell your services or materials. $50🌵 Aloe Level: Your logo on the Summit website and at the event. Included vendor table to display and sell your services or materials. $200🌵 Ocotillo Level: Your logo on the Summit website, event emails, and at the event. Included vendor table to display and sell your services or materials. Sponsored lunch advertisement with your logo and QR link to media of choice. $500🌵 Saguaro Level: Your logo on the Summit website, event emails, and at the event. Included vendor table to display and sell your services or materials. Sponsored lunch advertisement with your logo and QR link to media of choice. ONE FREE event ticket. $1000

Our sponsors

Your Co-Host,
Kyla Maciosek

Kyla Maciosek entered the realm of environmental education through roles at zoos, wildlife rescues, and botanical gardens. While working in these roles, she discovered nature-based play. It resonated so deeply with Kyla that she pursued her master’s degree in nature play. While in her master’s program, a pivotal moment occurred when she joined a Reggio-inspired preschool program. This experience introduced her to a whole new paradigm of interacting with children. She learned to follow a child’s lead, effectively address their emotions, and design captivating learning experiences.Kyla is proud to have built her consulting and training company, Nature Created Play, that serves as a platform to champion play-based learning and empower educators to create environments where children will thrive. Her consulting services range from comprehensive staff training to personalized support — with all of it fostering a child’s love for learning through engaging experiences.

Your Co-Host,
Diona Reese Williams

Diona Reese Williams' first professional experience with nature-based learning was over 5 years ago when she decided to move her pre-kindergarten special needs class out to the school gardens that no other classes were utilizing. She witnessed a dramatic shift in children's behaviors and she knew nature and being outdoors were the leading reasons for the shifts.Diona is an independent children's book author, tribal college professor, podcast host of The DRW Show, and will be relaunching her home-based, nature-based preschool in Sierra Vista August 2024. Her nature-based learning and play roots grow strong and deep since her first experiences of gardening with her Nana and Grandma, which was the topic of her first children's book Sweet Potato & Mud Pies.Diona earned her M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from Grand Canyon University, her MA in Organizational Management specializing in Human Resources from Ashford University, and her BSOE specializing in Early Childhood Studies from Wayland Baptist University.

Your Keynote Speaker,
Wendy Watson, M.Ed.

Wendy has been an early childhood educator for 35 years. She has worked as a preschool teacher, YMCA after-school and camp director, and for 16 years as a home visitor for NACOG Head Start. She has been an adjunct instructor for Yavapai Community College and a full-time early childhood faculty in Prescott College’s Teacher Preparation Program. Wendy has worked closely with many Tribal Head Start and Childcare staff around Arizona.In 2018, while living in the People’s Republic of China, Wendy developed the first CDA curriculum approved for China by the Council for Professional Recognition for Childwise. She trained CDA candidates at International Schools in Beijing and Shanghai.
Wendy rejoined the Prescott College faculty until she “retired” in 2021.
She continues to work as an adjunct instructor for the college. She spends most of her time as the Adult Education Director of the Center for Nature and Place-based Early Childhood Education at Prescott College.

Ready to Learn With Us?

Join us at the summit!

$175 for the day, lunch included
Register AFTER 5/30/24: $150, NO LUNCH (please pack your own)

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...and you for your participation in our inaugural Summit!

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